Current Pricing

Pricing is in Canadian Dollars.  Travel charges not charged for first 50kms of a trip (rate 30¢/km and $10/hr after).  Hourly work rate charged in $5 (15 min.) increments.

Email Accounts:  Inquire

Existing Domains are mailbox@ns-email.net, mailbox@nseasternshore.com, mailbox@chedabuctobay.net or mailbox@guyscogene.net
Charges are $5 setup and 5$/yr.  The accounts are email client and web accessible (Horde interface) with up to 2000Mb in email storage.  See Hosting Domain Names for more options.

Hosting Domain Name with Mailboxes:  Inquire

Domain Names: We start by finding a name that is acceptable then add an appropriate and available ending for it.  Price varies with the endings.
DomainInitial Years PurchasedSingle
EndingOne YearTwo YearsThree YearsFour YearsFive YearsYearly Renewal

Prices can change without notice and therefore this table is a guide only.  Price determined at time of purchase.  Created with the HTML Table Generator

These domains include one free mailbox, additional boxes are $5 setup each.

Website Design with Hosting and Mailboxes:  Inquire

The charges in the above table apply plus $20/hr for design time.  Webpage self editing available at $10 setup and $5/mth.  Website pages usually take 2-8 hours or more each, depending on their complexity.  This one with 6 pages containing 4 forms, a table and graphics took about 25 hours.

Administrate, Customize and Maintain your current Website:  Inquire

Charged at $20/hr with an initial charge of 1-2 hours to learn the site.